Sierra Streams Institute Seeks New Board Members

Date Posted: March 2, 2022

Posted by: AArtle

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Do you live in the Sierra Foothills? Do you love our beautiful watershed–the Yuba and Bear rivers and all of the wonderful tributaries that flow out of the mountains in Nevada County? Do you want to play a part in conserving, restoring and educating people about our watershed? Do you have some time that you can volunteer to help us on the board?

The Sierra Streams Institute are currently seeking individuals with legal, HR, accounting, or fundraising experience, as well as scientific backgrounds in water or biology, to join our board of directors. The board meets every month to conduct business, but it is expected that board members will be engaged in more than just the monthly meeting i.e. will serve on a committee, volunteer for a monitoring project, or attend one or more of our planned events. We would like some new team members! If interested please send an email to Lang Waters, President of the Board of Directors at SSI:

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