Let The Salmon Swim — The 2024 Wild & Scenic Film Festival Action

Date Posted: February 1, 2024

Posted by: AArtle

Take Action!

This year, SYRCL’s advocacy action is focused on getting more water to the Bay-Delta and all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge in support of salmon and a healthy ecosystem. Look for Action Tables at various venues to sign the letter and Let Salmon Swim!


The Bay-Delta is a vital habitat for many native fish and wildlife species, including the endangered spring-run Chinook salmon, which migrate from the Yuba River to the ocean and back.

By signing our letter, you are urging Governor Newsom to support updates to the Bay-Delta Plan that include and recognize:

  • The only way to recover the health of the Bay-Delta and salmon is with significantly more water.
  • Watersheds need tailored solutions to support the needs of the Bay-Delta and their water management systems.
  • Tribes have been here for thousands of years relying on freshwater systems. The “first in time, first in right” beneficial water uses of Tribes need to be recognized.
  • More water and habitat restoration projects are necessary to prevent the Bay-Delta from ecological collapse and the extinction of salmon.

By adding your name to our letter, you are telling Governor Newsom that he has the opportunity and responsibility to ensure that the Bay-Delta plan is based on sound science and protects the public trust resources of the State.

Learn more and sign here.

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