Keep the State Legislature Focused on the Future

Date Posted: May 1, 2024

Posted by: AArtle

Take Action!

California’s budget deficit means that right now, discussions are happening about where to cut in order to balance the budget, but legislators should not be sacrificing tomorrow in the name of cost-savings today.


Please call your State Assemblymember and State Senator (CLICK HERE to find who yours are). Tell them to support the following bills:

Coordination and Cross-Agency Alignment on the State’s 30×30 goal

  • SB 1402 (Min) would require that state agencies, departments, boards, offices, commissions, and conservancies consider the 30×30 goal when adopting, revising, or establishing plans, policies, and regulations.
  • AB 3023 (Papan) aligns planning and funding efforts related to forest and wildfire resilience, watershed restoration to protect the state water supplies, reducing greenhouse gasses, and preventing further collapse of wildlife populations and our natural heritage.

Pass A Climate Bond to Create a Stable Funding Source to Meet Our 30×30 Goals

  • AB 1567 (Garcia) would place a nearly $16 billion climate bond on the November 2024
  • SB 867 (Allen) would place a $15.5 billion climate bond on the November 2024

Click here for more information.

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