Join California State Parks Foundation for a DIY Earth Day during Earth Month

Date Posted: February 24, 2023

Posted by: AArtle

Take Action!

This April, celebrate Earth Day by making an impact on your local state parks and open spaces!


Register for a DIY Earth Day Climate Action kit today to kick start your Climate Action journey this April! Each FREE kit includes a compostable trash bag, sticker, magnet, an REI coupon, and a postcard with more details and instructions.

Climate change and loss of biodiversity pose an existential threat to California’s environment, habitats, wildlife, people, and natural landscapes — as vast as entire ecosystems and as limited as individual species.

It will take our collective action to fight for a warming planet, and state parks and their supporters play a role in increasing California’s climate resilience. The good news: it’s not hard to take climate action and, collectively, we can have a huge impact.

By picking up trash in your neighborhood, local state parks, and even your own backyard, you are joining a community of climate activists working to build climate resilient parks and communities.

Maximize your impact this Earth Month by registering for your FREE DIY Earth Day Climate Action kit today!

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