Input Requested for Visit California Regional Strategic Plan

Date Posted: January 29, 2024

Posted by: AArtle

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Visit California is developing 12 Regional Strategic Plans for the tourism and hospitality industry and our communities across the state. These plans will be developed individually for each California region. Economic Development Administration (EDA) grant funds funded this initiative, and the planning process is expected to conclude at the end of 2024


Visit California is looking for input to guide the development of the High Sierra Regional Strategic Plan plan by gaining a greater understanding of existing strengths of the tourism economy in the High Sierra, opportunities to enhance the tourism ecosystem, future areas of focus for strategic planning and more.

The goal of this survey is to guide the development of these 12 Regional Strategic Plans by gaining a greater understanding about the following:

  • The existing strengths of regional tourism economies in California
  • Issues affecting regional tourism economies in California
  • Opportunities that these regions can take to enhance their tourism economies
  • Threats that may negatively impact these tourism economies
  • Market research needs of tourism stakeholders

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