Help reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions and improve habitat connectivity

Date Posted: March 8, 2023

Posted by: AArtle

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Wildlife-vehicle collisions are harmful to humans and wildlife and are costly to taxpayers.

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Every year, collisions between motorists and wildlife cause over 200 human deaths and more than 26,000 injuries. In turn, millions of animals die yearly, leading to degraded wildlife populations. These incidents cost taxpayers more than $8 billion yearly.

Wildlife crossings are transportation infrastructure that make roadways safer for humans and wildlife. Other states have already passed laws to fund the construction of new wildlife-friendly bridges and underpasses.

How can wildlife corridors help protect Nevada’s wildlife? Nevada’s wildlife relies on intact sagebrush habitat and migration corridors, which allow species to travel safely between seasonal habitats and are essential for their day-to-day movement. These corridors are essential to boosting biodiversity and resiliency in degraded ecosystems, safeguarding animal populations, and ensuring species can better adapt to our changing climate. Plus, wildlife crossing infrastructure is important for safety. This will decrease collisions between motorists and wildlife that currently cause thousands of human injuries and millions of animal casualties each year.

That’s why support for AB 112 is needed. This bill would establish an account to fund the development of wildlife crossings in Nevada.

Join Nevada Conservation League in advocating for AB112 by asking for investments in wildlife-friendly transportation infrastructure that will make Nevada roads safer for everyone, including wildlife.

Learn more about NCL’s 2023 legislative priorities by visiting their website.

Sign the form to support AB 112 here.

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