Help Protect the Habitat Conservation Fund

Date Posted: June 18, 2024

Posted by: Sierra Nevada Alliance

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A State Budget proposal is moving forward for the Governor's signature that would revert $45 million from the Habitat Conservation Fund AND eliminate the requirement that $30 million be allocated annually to the Fund for habitat protection and conservation.

Contact Governor Newsome

What is the HCF?

In 1990, voters approved Proposition 117, which most people remember outlawed mountain lion hunting, but that also created the Habitat Conservation Fund (HCF), appropriating $30 million a year for land acquisition and restoration projects to support mountain lion habitat and habitat for other critical species. To date, the HCF has provided funds to protect nearly one million acres of habitat all across California. And nearly 40 years later, the HCF remains the only ongoing, reliable, and flexible source of funds for protecting, enhancing, and restoring wildlife habitat and fisheries that are vital to maintaining California’s quality of life. Through a funding matching requirement, the HCF also leverages important private funding for conservation and restoration projects.

What is Happening?

Last week in Sacramento, the legislature negotiated a budget agreement that includes a proposal to sweep $45 million already allocated to the HCF, and language that would eliminate the existing requirement to appropriate $30 million per year to the HCF through 2030. That means that, more than $100 million of funding critical for meeting the state’s 30×30, nature-based solutions to climate change, and wildlife connectivity goals are at stake.

Not only is this a bad idea for conservation, but it would also seem to directly violate the language of Proposition 117, which created the act, and defy the will of the voters. This language, approved by voters in 1990, expressly forbids the reallocation of these funds for anything other than habitat protection and conservation. Moreover, it will set a dangerous precedent that will likely eliminate more than $120 million in future funding, as well.

Even though California’s state budget deficit is significant, this action directed to HCF is short-sighted and would be an enormous mistake for the Governor and legislature to strip the HCF of critical funding.

What Can You Do?

Please ACT NOW – Feel free to reach out to Kim Delfino with any questions at or

Please call or email the offices of:

  • Senator Scott Wiener (San Francisco)
  • Senator Mike McGuire (North Bay Area & Northwest CA)
  • California State Assembly Speaker Robert Rivas (Central Coast)
  • Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel (represents the San Fernando Valley)

Submit a comment to Governor Newsom:

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Right now, the California State Legislature and Governor Newsom are moving to cut funding for the wildly successful Habitat Conservation Fund

From a groundbreaking wildlife crossing over the 101 Freeway to new trails gateway into Redwood National and State Parks to an important ancestral land return project in San Bernardino County to wetlands and meadow restoration across the Central Valley and Sierra foothills – the HCF has protected nearly a million acres over the years, funded hundreds of important restoration projects, and is vital for the state to reach its Climate Change Plan and 30×30 Initiative.

California leaders need to protect the only ongoing funding for habitat protection in our state.

#ProtectTheHCF #30x30CA #ClimateBondNow #ProtectCalifornia #PowerInNature #FundConservationNow

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