Join the Great Sierra River Cleanup 2021!

Date Posted: September 3, 2021

Posted by: jmarshall

Take Action!

Join us for the Great Sierra River Cleanup on September 18, 2021! Our watersheds need your help to pick up trash and prevent pollution.

Find a cleanup event near you!

The California Coastal Commission is returning to in-person cleanup sites for the 37th Annual California Coastal Cleanup Day! On September 18th, Californians across the state will pick up litter from our streets, parks, creeks, streams, rivers, and coast.

Last year, in-person cleanup events were paused due to COVID-19 precautions. Instead, the Commission individual or household cleanups of local areas. It was inspiring to see the results of the month-long cleanup effort despite the pandemic’s challenges – close to 17,000 volunteers removed over 150,000 pounds of trash, walking more than 3,000 miles while doing so!

The Sierra Nevada Alliance is working with the California Coastal Commission to become the new regional coordinator for the Great Sierra River Cleanup, focusing on the rivers and watersheds of the Sierra Nevada, which provide more than 60% of California’s water. The past year has shown us how vulnerable these outdoor spaces are to pollution and litter, despite their importance to ecosystems, infrastructure, and recreation across the state. Join us this month to protect our beloved watersheds from pollution and degradation caused by human litter!

To find a cleanup event near you, check out the interactive map at

If you are attending an in-person cleanup this year, please follow your county public health guidance on masks and social distancing.

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