Eldorado National Forest Volunteer Opportunity April 24th!

Posted by: brookeboeger

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Volunteer Opportunity on the Eldorado National Forest

What: Tree planting in an over-loved area of forest
When: April 24th starting at 9 am
Where: Silver Fork Road near Kyburz. Directions and more details will be provided to those that commit.

Hello interested volunteers. The Eldorado National Forest would like to plant up to 9000 trees in a restoration area near Silver Fork Creek. We need up to 40 volunteers to plant these small seedlings.
If you are interested, please email eric.nicita@usda.gov with questions or interest. Because of COVID, logistics, and equipment, we would like to limit this to only 40 people.
More detail will be released the Wednesday before the event but some things to know as you consider:
• Please bring your own gloves, food, and water
• This is a mildly strenuous activity
• Vehicle logistics will be a problem, please travel and work together in COVID safe groups
• We will debrief about safety and COVID at arrival
• If you have safety helmets and a planting type shovel, please bring them
• Appropriate COVID precautions will be strictly followed. PLEASE BRING A MASK.

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