Member Groups

Our goal at the Sierra Nevada Alliance is to protect and restore the Sierra Nevada by strengthening individual efforts and joining together as a region-wide force. The most integral component of the Alliance is our strong network of Member Groups. We currently have over 40 Member Groups and also have an extensive network of affiliates and partners. The goal of the Alliance Member Group program is to increase the value of this network as a resource to all involved through expanding our base of Member Groups. We work to actively facilitate collaboration amongst Member Groups to broaden our collective impact on behalf of the Sierra.

As a part of the Alliance, you are a part of a coordinated network making a difference on issues throughout the Sierra. The Alliance and our Member Groups have been working together for 25 years to protect and restore the natural environment and community values of the Sierra. The Sierra faces extreme challenges in terms of climate change, population growth, and resource management. It is of paramount importance to support local efforts to address these issues, and to protect the Sierra’s special places, while building a network that will be the foundation for future successful efforts.